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"My product began when our Australian Kelpie "Rosie" suffered two rear knee joint injuries.

I wanted so much to help her recover I started my research on what I could do. 

After much deliberation and consultations with my vet and weighing up the pro's and con's of medical treatments, I decided to give Shark cartilage ago.

I purchased the left over cartilage from the filleting room of the Apollo Bay Fisherman's Co-op & processed it myself, recycled it if you like........ hence the Brand Name "Rosie's Choice" was born.

Rosie is now back running around happy and extremely healthy for her age & I contribute her recovery to Shark Cartilage, physio  & much love.

Rosie will remain on Shark Cartilage for the rest of her life and while I continue to process it for her, I hope that your pets (dogs, cats, horses) can gain the same relief and mobility that Rosie has.

If I only knew then what I know now, Rosie would have been on Shark Cartilage from a pup and I truly believe that her joints would have developed and remained healthy her entire life."

Chez - Founder of Rosies Choice


* Now for some exciting news for


I would 

 love to introduce you to ALISON & DIANNE the new owners of Rosies Choice... these ladies are a force to be reckoned with  decades of experience in the fishing industry they have passion, drive & commitment so your favourite premium pet products are in very capable & caring hands. 



The New Team

Ali & Di

With a friendship spanning over 42 years Alison & Dianne met in high school and have been friends ever since. Together they have their own loved animals, correction taste testers; who enjoy the regular goodies Rosie's choice has to offer.

Alison has been in the fishing industry for 40 years and has had many  beloved pets over the years including not limited to Dogs & Cat

Dianne has been around horses since she could walk, and has witnessed the benefits of this superfood in horses and ponies. 

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