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Shark Jerky is 100% natural, single ingredient with no added preservatives. It is an excellent diet addition for dogs & cats. It is high in Omega 3s which is excellent for skin & coat health as well as joints & overall well being. 

Shark Jerky is an excellent training treat. 

*WARNING: because Jerky is a very rich & concentated food product ... pets just love it ...Do not over feed.


This product can be made to order in larger pack sizes just contact Chez on 0437657972


Rosie's Choice Shark Jerky

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  • How good is Shark Jerky for my dog?

    Shark Jerky is very beneficial as a supplement treat for your dog. When Jerky is air dried almost all the water is extracted from the product & the fresh produce is reduced to around 20% of its original weight.  So a 100g packet was once approximately half a kilogram of fresh produce. And since the water is extracted, it leaves a highly nutrient dense food & supplement product. With its unique flavour & crunchy texture your pet will love it! Rosies Choice Shark Jerky is sure to become your pets favourite snack.



         *  High protein, low fat

         *  Extremely concentrated nutrition

         *  Source of Omega 3s that is good for healthy skin & coat as well             as good immune system

         *  Perfect for all size breeds

    • Rosie's Choice is ethically and sustainably sourced from the clean waters of the Bass Strait, Victoria.

    It is hand processed in small batches in Apollo Bay within 2 days of catch and packaged with love and care for your dog.

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